How to Connect Galaxy Buds to Laptop – [4 Steps Guide 2022]

Connect Galaxy Buds to laptop

When you talk about casing covers, Galaxy buds have one of the most generic casing covers, with Samsung branding on it as a seller. It looks beautiful and shiny but it’s very easy to grip. When you look at the opening side of Galaxy buds you will find a USB port that is actually for charging and aside from that we cannot forget its charging pad at the bottom for wireless charging. So if you are looking to buy Samsung Galaxy Buds you can find a lot of reasons to purchase them happily. It gives a lot of peace of mind and it also has power-sharing features that allow us to charge other devices from it.

First step

Now let’s come to its connectivity. First of all, you need to open its casing. When you open it will give you red or green light depending upon the status of its charging. A red light indicates a low battery or active charging status. If you want to connect your “Galaxy buds” you should charge it first and get a green light turned on. When it comes to wearing These are very comfortable to wear, you will not feel any pain, irritation, or pressure as they are very lightweight.


Second Step

Now just have a look at how to connect Galaxy buds to your laptop. Turn on your laptop and go to “settings” at the bottom on the left of the laptop. You will find windows settings. Then you click on the Start button and type in the lower bottom” Settings”. As it figures No =1


Third Step

Now you will go to “devices” and click just one time on “devices”. You will find a new window with the heading “Bluetooth & Other devices”.

Fourth Step

To connect with your laptop, once you see a label of “Bluetooth—- off”, slide it to turn it on. Now go to “Add Bluetooth & other devices”. Then to connect go to the option of “Add devices” and then select the first option mentioned which is “Bluetooth”. Once you ill click on that you will find an option of “Unknown devices”.

Now when you click on it your laptop will automatically search your already charged and you will read a word of “Connecting”. Now you will see connecting to a new device and then written on your laptop with “Connected” written underneath.  You see another line at the right bottom of your laptop which is “Galaxy buds is set up and ready to go”. You should click on the Volume button, when you will click on it you will read “Its Buds Volume” and from here you can adjust your Galaxy buds volume and start enjoying its usage.

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